Nerve Finance

rUSD Ramp Metapool

Leveraging Nerve 3Pool liquidity in collaboration with Ramp DeFi.

What is the rUSD metapool?

A metapool allows a single coin (in this case, rUSD) to be pooled with all the coins in another pool (the Nerve 3Pool) without diluting its liquidity. Minted after staking LPs at Ramp DeFi (docs), rUSD is an over-collateralized stablecoin that allows further leveraging of yield-earning positions. You can stake rUSD, BUSD, USDT or USDC into the metapool. Like the 3Pool, it is not necessary to deposit all 4 tokens at once, but watch the price impact when depositing tokens in an unbalanced fashion to see if you are getting a deposit bonus or penalty.
The Nerve rUSD-3Pool metapool enables you to:
  • Earn yield on your stablecoins by depositing them to the metapool then staking the resulting nrvRUSD LP at Ramp DeFi for RAMP rewards. DYOR when interacting with any platform that is new to you.
  • Deposit and withdraw without a fee (0%).
  • Unstake and withdraw liquidity at any time - there is no lock-up period.
As of 13/05/2021, the 0.04% trading fees on swaps within the rUSD metapool go to the DAO treasury; this revenue will be used as determined via community governance.
Deposit your stablecoins in the rUSD-3Pool metapool: https://app.nerve.fi/pools/rusd
NOTE - If you stake your nrvRUSD LP tokens at Ramp DeFi, you have to unstake them before you can withdraw your stablecoins from the pool. If you have used those staked tokens as collateral to mint rUSD, you have to repay that rUSD before you can unstake them.