Nerve Finance

3Pool StableSwap

Nerve's signature liquidity pool for premier stablecoins facilitating low slippage swaps.
Earn yield on your stablecoins by depositing BUSD, USDC, or USDT to the liquidity pool in return for 3Pool LP tokens (3NRV-LP). You can deposit all three at once, just one, or any combination of two. Just note the bonus or penalty fee that you are assessed for providing stablecoins that are under- or over-provided in the pool, and provide all three in the same quantity if you want to ensure that you deposit without any price impact.
Note that the "Virtual Price" of the 3Pool LP tokens is not 1 USD - multiply your LP token balance by this price to get the value of your LP in USD.
3Pool LP holders benefit from:
  • Staking their 3NRV-LP tokens to earn their share of 49% of all NRV emissions in one of the highest-yielding stablecoin pools in all of DeFi.
  • No deposit or withdrawal fee (0%).
  • Unstaking or withdrawing their liquidity at any time, without a lock-up period.
As of 13/05/2021, the 0.02% trading fees on swaps within the 3Pool go to the DAO treasury; this revenue will be used as determined via community governance.
Deposit your stablecoins in the 3Pool: https://app.nerve.fi/pools
Stake your 3Pool LP tokens (3NRV-LP) - https://app.nerve.fi/stake
NOTE - If you stake your 3Pool LP tokens, you have to unstake them before you can withdraw your stablecoins from the pool.