Nerve Finance

Connecting to BSC

How to get your funds into the Nerve ecosystem.
The first step to using Nerve is connecting to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Nerve currently supports MetaMask as well as the official Binance Chain Wallet.

Using Nerve With MetaMask

Using Nerve with Binance Chain Wallet

If you would like to use Binance Chain Wallet for Chrome, you can install it here.

How to send your ETH / ERC-20 to Binance Smart Chain

If you have a wallet on BSC with BNB in it already, you should use the Nerve Bridge to trustlessly transfer USDT (ERC-20), ETH or BTC to BSC without significant limits (see docs). However, if you are funding a BSC wallet for the first time, the Binance Bridge allows you to wrap your asset for use on the Binance Smart Chain and convert some of it to BNB, as you will need BNB to pay for gas to perform transactions once bridged. Remember to switch your MetaMask or Binance Wallet to the Ethereum network before using the Binance Bridge.
There is a transfer limit and daily limit per address
Another option is withdrawing from Binance as a BEP-20 asset into your Binance Smart Chain address.