Nerve Finance

BUIDL Program

Leverage Nerve 3Pool liquidity to facilitate low slippage swaps of any stablecoin.
Stablecoins are the fastest growing frontier of DeFi, with innovative projects across the cryptosphere attempting to leverage the explosion in their liquidity and utility to allow users to access new primitives that could only be imagined even just a year ago. However, novel stablecoin projects seeking to enhance the utility of cryptoassets at the cutting-edge of DeFi still struggle to source the liquidity required if their pegged assets are to serve their intended purpose.
Enter the Nerve BUIDL program.
By applying to create a metapool with your project's stablecoin and the Nerve 3Pool, you can get access to the over $800M in TVL secured by the protocol to provide a low slippage peg for your cryptoasset. BUIDL partners benefit from:
  • Cross promotion
  • Seeding liquidity of the metapool (up to $250K)
  • Investment from the Nerve Treasury (up to $250K, subject to DAO vote)
The intent of the BUIDL program is to allow the best teams in DeFi to be able to build upon the secure infrastructure and liquidity of Nerve, all while leveraging the low fees of BSC. In addition, it allows those projects to further benefit from Nerve's continued cross-chain expansion, as their stablecoin metapools will eventually be accessible wherever the Nerve ecosystem extends.
To apply for the program, contact either of the core developers (AureliusBTC and Socrates0x) on Telegram.