We move fast and break things. We ship a lot of code very quickly, don't hold us to these.

New pools and utility

Cross-chain functionality

Integrations with DeFi protocols

Security and Decentralization

App Redesign

    Support multiple pools (swaps, deposit/withdraw, staking)
    Add vested rewards visibility (in beta, h/t gentrio)
    Portfolio page
    Volume statistics
    Bridge directly to Binance-pegged assets
    Bridge directly to liquidity pools
    Convert portion of bridged funds to BNB for gas
    Zap to easily add liquidity to NRV-BUSD pool


    New landing page at
    Auto-updating TVL, volume, and marketcap at
    Integration with
    Sound + animation when swapping or bridging h/t DannyBeanstalk & BurgerFlipper
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