Nerve Finance

xNRV Staking

Staking the NRV governance token with no impermanent loss.
Due to technical constraints of the NRV token smart contract, xNRV was created to facilitate single-sided staking of NRV. When the NerveDAO is established, staked xNRV will also be used for voting in community governance. As of now, xNRV can alway be minted from and redeemed to NRV at a 1:1 ratio - this may change in the future, as result of decisions made by the DAO.
xNRV stakers benefit from:
  • Receiving 5% of all NRV token emissions.
  • No exposure to impermanent loss.
  • No deposit or withdrawal fee (0%).
  • Unstaking their xNRV at any time, without a lock-up period.
  • Voting power in the NerveDAO, once established. This may lead to more benefits for NRV holders and xNRV stakers depending on community governance (see proposals in the Nerve Forum).
Deposit your NRV to mint and stake xNRV: https://app.nerve.fi/nrv
Last modified 1yr ago