Provide liquidity for Nerve's governance token for enhanced rewards.
Earn yield by providing liquidity for the Pancakeswap NRV-BUSD (V2) pool and staking your resulting Cake-LP tokens at Nerve.
NRV-BUSD Cake-LP stakers benefit from:
    The 0.17% trading fee provided to all Pancakeswap LPs for trades in their pool (not included in APY/APR calculations).
    Receiving 27% of all NRV emissions, making this the most well-rewarded pool per-TVL in the Nerve ecosystem - in part to protect stakers providing NRV liquidity from impermanent loss.
    No deposit or withdrawal fee (0%).
    Unstaking or withdrawing their liquidity at any time, without a lock-up period.
Stake your NRV-BUSD Cake-LP:
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